REAL NFT utility for your NFT holders...

Struggling to find a concrete and immediate utility for your NFT's?

Stop looking! Owners of your NFT's may now have a discount on an entire list of online merchants …

NFT creators

  • Real and immediate benefits for NTF holders

NFT holders

  • Up to 10% discount at #NFTFriendly shops and #NFTfriendly places (hotels, events and touristic locations)

Online merchants

  • Access to new markets and increased visibility

NFT first...

NFT creators, NFT holders, online merchants
NFT creator
Bring REAL benefits in front of your NFT owners. Discounts on shopping! Sounds good, doesn't it? If you are a NFT creator and want to see THE LIST of #NFTfriendly online merchants and physical locations and venues give us a sign.
I want to see THE LIST

Even better…!
The NFT holders can purchase with discount in your own online store.

NFT holder
The key to your success... He receives up to 10% discount on a (growing) list of online merchants and physical locations and events.
  • fashion & style
  • home & deco
  • food & drinks
  • beauty & care
  • work protect
  • hotels and pensions
  • exclusive tourist locations
Online merchant
For online stores it is simple...! They get promotion and access to a new market segment and to new customers. So, everyone is happy! If you are an online merchant let us know if you need more customers.
I want more customers

What does #NFTfriendly solution do?

Helps mass adoption of NFTs based on 3 pillars. Each one of your choice..
1. Offers discounts to NFT owners
  • Up to 10% to online shops and phisycal locations
2. Validates access to physical events
  • Your NFT holder has access to events only after the possession of the nft has been validated
3. Provides you with an online store
  • You will have your OWN online store so you can interact directly with your customers. Everything #CryptoFriendly and #NFTfriendly
Part of #CryptoFriendly concept

CRYPTO in the spotlight. So simple!

The whole product listing process is designed so that the price in crypto is as visible and easy to understand as possible. In addition, mobile visits are extremely easy.

You are in a special company...

dollars the volume of daily crypto transactions
people use crypto
countries use cryptocurrencies
dollars the total capitalization of cryptocurrencies
Get involved. Be part of the community
Exceed any border. This is the future of money, this is the New Internet Economy.

Key takeaways

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